Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mendel's Vitamins

I have been buying alot of hardware recently and think I now have most of the vitamins for the RepRap Mendel. I still have not got the RP parts under the hope that the cost of printed parts would drop when more people started getting printers up and running. Anyway I thought I would make a list of the suppliers I have used in case they are of any help to people building in the UK.

Belts -> RS
Nut's, Bolts, Washers -> a mixture of ebay and screwfix
Thermistor -> Watterott Electronic
Nozzle and thermal barrier -> ebay (reifsnyderb)
Thick sheet (MDF) -> B&Q
Electronics -> ebay (TechZone Electronics)
PLA plastic filament -> Watterott Electronic
Threaded Stud -> screwfix
Bar -> ebay (binkysadler)

The last thing to buy are the plastic RP parts. What a headache looks like there are 3 options, buy a laser-cut version for (approx £150 + tax + delivery) but I am put off this option as there modifications to the design and different hardware requirements.
2nd option is recently there has been quite a few moulded plastic parts being sold by a guy in Ireland he is offering free delivery and as it is EU so there should be no customs tax. He has so far sold 2 grades A and B, the big downside is that the holes require drilling, this would be a real pain but for the cost saving it might be worth it. The sets are going for about £80 for B grade and £150 for A grade.
3rd option is fully printed parts. This would be my preferred option if it weren't for the cost. There seem to be very few people printing parts. One main contributor is the RepRap-god amongst us Nophead, who seems to be single handedly supporting the RepRap cause. Another is Adrian Bowyer himself, but despite promises of random buy-it-nows of £40 only one has been sold at this price, and not that many many sets have been up for auction. Because of this low supply and high demand these sets are reaching premium prices, there is a quite a range from about £200 to £450!

Any offers of printed parts I will pay £150?


  1. The TechZone homepage is

  2. Cheers Bob, i will update the post.

  3. JSR: may I ask you how much you spent overall to the vitamins? (everything included, vats, postages, etc)

    Best regards,

  4. Hi laslok, I am planning to post the full detailed breakdown of cost but its gonna take me a while to get the info together. Big fan of your blog, a heated bed is gonna be on my to-do list when i get everything working.