Friday, 30 July 2010

Adrian's Geared Extruder Build Part 1

The RP parts I have are for Adrian's geared extruder see the wiki here. For this you need some pats not listed on the original BOM list. There are a couple of different screws you need, nothing hard to find on ebay. Main parts you need are a short piece of M4 threaded rod. An M4 "Insert" - this is a splined piece used to grip the plastic filament. An M4 wing nut, and 3 bearings. The splined piece I got from ebay here is a bit different to the one shown in the wiki but serves the same purpose. It doesn't have a grub screw but it is internally threaded so should stay in place with bolts either side of it. It was listed as "Ripmax DYCO M4 x 0.7mm Coupling Insert" looks like it is used in the clutch mechanisms of model cars, trains etc.
After a bit of drilling and shaping the parts seem to fit together ok.


  1. It looks like your build is progressing well. Have you considered adding your bog to the 'blog of blogs'?

    I also just realised that it was your thick sheet sketchup files that I used when assembling a full Mendel in sketchup.

    Best of luck with the rest of your Mendel build.


  2. I am supposed to be on it, I'm listed on the sources. But recently it has not been picking up my posts. I have contacted the admin but have had no response yet. :(

    I saw you SU model, it is fantastic, well done, it must have taken ages.

  3. Not as long as you might think. I imported all the STL files for the Mendel then followed the assembly instructions on the reprap wiki.

    Having already built one virtually it might make the task a little quicker when I get around to building a mendel in reality.