Friday, 4 June 2010

Stepper Motors Here

Stepper motors have arrived. I ordered 4 NEMA 17’s from Zapp Automation, 3 for the axes and 1 for the extruder. They look ok but I will have to wait until I have the electronics before I can test them.

They are of the 6 wire unipolar variety code SY42STH47-1206A. According to the datasheet the wire colours correspond as follows:

Coil 1 = Black & Green
Coil 2 = Red & Blue

Therefore for the RepRap setup I need to connect:

A = Black
B = Green
C = Red
D = Blue

The Yellow and White wires are the centre leads for each coil and so are ignored
I’m sure I have read that the ABCD on the TechZone Remix electronics may be wired differently so I will need to check the above set up.

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