Friday, 12 November 2010

Back, RDR, X-axis and Solidworks

In the past few months I have discovered that there are a few things that are very bad for progress on building a RepRap:

1. Moving house.
2. Changing Job.
3. Red Dead Redemption.

Having completed the above three I am now back building my reprap. I have almost finished the x-axis. See the below photo of my progress. Struggling to find time for the build at the moment so progress is likely to be slow for a while. Drilling and shaping the cast plastic bits is becoming quite annoying, wish I had held out and bought proper printed parts, never mind hind sight is 20:20!

From Mendel

I have also been practising using Solidworks at work, so what better to tune my skills than with the Mendel Solidworks files. See below for some videos I made using Solidworks. I have changed the model quite a bit, fixing a few errors and making the limits rights so you can only move the axes to the allowable positions. I will try and post my adjusted assembly files soon for those who are interested.